About Us

Hexagon Studio was founded in 2006 for the purpose of delivering unique design and engineering solutions in transport, defense, marine, agricultural and special purpose machinery on national and international scale. 

Hexagon Studio  builds its future on its vision to become one of the leading R&D Centers in Europe. We are creating added value in the product development process of OEMs and subsidiary industry companies in Turkey and in the world with our talented human resource. In this context, we are committed to provide technology based turnkey solutions throughout the entire product development process from conceptual design to product commissioning.

Using integrated design and engineering process in the most efficient manner to develop distinctive systems and platforms defines our corporate mission. 

Hexagon Studio is a center of expertise and experience, where aesthetics meets analytical thinking, innovative products are designed with technological inspiration and everyone in the company is dedicated to this mission. It is this common ideal that carries Hexagon Studio even further and helps it to continue along the path to success with decisive steps.

Our vision is to become a leading design, engineering and R&D center delivering unique engineering solutions in Turkey and in Europe, particularly in transport and defense industries.

In order to achieve our vision we are committed to continuous development and improvement, and on our route to our targets we are guided by a Human Resources Policy aiming at having employees dedicated to corporate principles and objectives, internalizing our commitment to provide a high quality service, a sound Quality Policy aiming at meeting needs and expectations of our stakeholders continuously and sustainably, a Corporate Cooperation Policy aiming at gaining corporate solution partners who are ready to offer products and services matching our quality concept on a long-term basis. Innovation, Trust, Development, Sustainability and Leadership are our corporate values, which we believe to be important milestones on our path to success.

Fields of Activity




In Hexagon Studio, we believe in the power of being unified rather than integrated and we grow our own creative and innovative talents.

We aim to develop out of the box and  pioneering practices in human resources applications as well as in other works we do. We would love to see you as part of this extraordinary experience. You can click here to review our career opportunities and apply.


In line with our holistic human resources management policy, 4Y ( We are Raising Creative and Innovative Talents ), we aim continous improvement and originality in our human resources management process to be able to support our creative and innovative talents while they achieve their goals. 

We proud of preparing fresh graduates for the future career steps by offering uniqiue training and development opportunities. During their long term coexistence we guide and accompany them on the way to be a business leader.

In addition to the technical and soft skill development trainings that we have provided, we also provide executive development  programmes which makes our talents strong in competitive business environment. With the executive development program we obtain, we ensure that each candidate in our talent pool plans their career in accordance with their competencies.

Through our collaborations and R&D projects with universities, we guarantee the continuous development of our creative and innovative talents in their respective fields.





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